DMB Fluid Technologies are proud to have been selected by Protecfire GMBH of Germany as their Australian distributor for the revolutionary detexline fire suppression system.

With this patented system, the extinguishing and pilot functions are detected over the one line, saving material, installation costs and requiring a smaller footprint within the protected zone.

When activated, this system will extinguish the fire by expelling the mousseal AFFF across the surface whilst impregnating and moisturising the solid fire and heat source. This process effectively seals the area, blocking thermal source and preventing the possibility of re-ignition.

Other Key features of the system:

  • Almost maintenance free with no annual discharge required.
  • Exact automatic fire detection via patented pneumatic fire detection sensor.
  • Pressureless while in standby mode.
  • Long outpouring of the extinguishing agent due to fine spray / droplet form.
  • Functionality guaranteed to remain unhindered by extreme environmental conditions – approved use within ambient air temperatures between -30˚C and +75˚C.
  • All stainless steel piping and stainless steel braided hosing +260˚C
  • Less components and nozzles than a conventional AFFF system.
  • Quicker and less costly installation than a conventional system.
  • Guaranteed no accidental discharge without presence of thermal or operator input.
  • No external power supply required - Intrinsically safe.
  • Precision designed, built and tested in Germany.
  • German mining approval since 2008.
  • Designed with the guidelines of AS 5062-2009.
  • Data logging controller available.


Protecfire extinguishing systems are suitable for machinery and plant of all sizes - to 800 tonne and beyond.

The Firespy extinguishing system uses the same patented technology as the other Protecfire systems only on a larger scale. This system can provide virtually maintenance free operation, with the assurance of utilising the latest technology in fire protection for asset protection.

Key attributes of the FireSpy system are:

  • Compact Design - Firespy uses a small amount of agent to protect a comparatively much larger surface area then other systems. This is achieved using fine spray technology, whereby the intensity of the fire’s energy is rapidly diminished, and the overall temperature lowered.
  • Extreme Temperature - Firespy utilises a unique extinguishing agent that can endure extreme temperatures above 75˚C.
  • Low Maintainance - the extinguishing agent is contained in a pressureless stainless steel reservoir, eliminating the need to regularly discharge the cylinder.

These factors, along with the coagulating effect on the surface, aid in alleviating thermal issues, and work together to prevent re-ignition.

The Firespy system creates specific areas within the risk zones. These areas can then be identified individually when their predetermined operating temperatures have been exceeded, by using Firespy’s unique detection method.

A risk analysis is conducted to ensure that each installation is tailored to specific applications.

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