Outset was founded to meet the needs of over-the-road transporters for professional on-board weight control solutions; in fact, it was one of the first European companies to offer these systems to industrial vehicles.

From the very start it offered tested products capable of improving its customers’ business, maximizing the advantages of precise, efficient weighing while loading: rationalizing the use of time, reducing operating costs, safe travel respecting road transport laws and eliminating the risk of administrative fines and penalties. Thanks to more than a decade of experience, Outset’s management is able to offer a wide range of technologically advanced instruments that optimize loads on commercial, earthmoving and logistics vehicles.

The mission that Outset has pursued from the very start has been to provide its customers with added value through personalized product consulting before and after the sale. In fact, the company realized that satisfying the needs of its customers, means accompanying them through the entire process to understand their problems and supply the right products and services.

Their weighing systems are technologically advanced but easy to use. They are the result of extensive experience gained over the years by the companies technical staff and continuous investments in research and development. Outsets skilled and constantly updated technicians design innovative products and systems, inspired by direct requests from customers and detailed analyses of current market trends.

Outsets product offering extends over a wide range of industries including Mining, Road Transport and Agriculture with state-of-the-art tools designed to optimize loads on both industrial vehicles as well as earthmoving and logistics machines.

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