Outset: on-board weight control solutions

A common issue within the transport sector is the overloading of transportation vehicles. Overloading is costly, as it can incur unnecessary overload fines. It can also cause premature failure of machinery due to exceeding specified loads. On the other hand, short loading can equally be expensive and inefficient.

Onboard weighing systems allow for peace of mind when weigh bridges are not easily accessible, by providing the operator with accurate load values in real time.

Our technical consultants can provide solutions for your specific needs regardless of your equipment suspension. pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical front leaf and rear tipper applications are all possible.

Key Products include:

  • Wireless truck scales.
  • Loader scales.
  • Excavator scales.
  • Forklift scales.
  • Offroad haul trucks.
  • Conveyor load cells.

Industry Applications

Mining - Onboard machinery scales give an accurate indication of mine site productivity, and visibility over possible vehicle misuse. External load lamp indicators provide operators with guidance on material loading.

Agriculture - Maximising loads is important for costs and productivity. A simple change to levels of moisture can dramatically change the weight of a crop or product loaded. Take the guess work out of loading allowing your product to move quickly.

Transport - With Outset onboard truck weighing systems, the driver is in complete control. Wireless in-cabin displays are designed to be mobile, flexible with fleet size, and easy to use. They provide uncompromising accuracy and reliability.

Quarries - Wheel loaders and excavators are a key link in the quarrying production chain. DMB Fluid Technologies understands this and offers accurate and easy to use onboard scales designed for loading transportation correctly the first time, every time.

Material Handling - Loadsense and Beltway scales are highly respected load cell assemblies carrying OMIL certification. Used primarily for conveyor belt scales, they are accurate, easy to maintain and flexible in their installation.

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