DMB Fluid Technologies has responded to industry requirements with the development of our new brand Clean Filtration Equipment - onboard filtration and contamination control solutions. This equipment complements our longstanding use of Pall Filtration and Separation products, enabling total package solutions.

Diesel fuel contamination by both water and particulate is a key contributor to many engine and fuel system-related failures in vehicles today. DMB Fluid Technologies offers the purification and monitoring systems that you need for efficient water detection & removal from hydraulic and lubrication oils.

DMB Fluid Technologies association with our partners allows us to provide quality service to ensure that your filtration, separation, and purification systems operate efficiently. We are dedicated to providing quality service to help maximise the efficiency of your system. Our engineers have a thorough knowledge of the components, design, operation, and maintenance requirements of filtration and separation systems.

Our broad range of filter elements and housings makes your customised filtration solution possible. DMB Fluid Technologies provides innovative disposable filter elements in a wide range of micron removal ratings. Our filters are developed, designed, and manufactured under the strictest quality controls and have been industry tested to provide exceptional performance, reliability and consistency.

Products specific to mobile equipment include:

  • Ultipleat SRT hydraulic, lube and fuel filters.
  • Nexis High Flow and Ultipleat High Flow aqueous and chemical filters.
  • HNP and HVP oil purifiers for water, gas and particulate removal.
  • Crossflow microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems.
  • Pre-reverse osmosis filtration products.
  • Reverse osmosis systems.
  • Real-time fluid condition monitoring products.
  • Kidney loop systems for additional filtration.

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