DMB FireTech now have a complete range of portable fire fighting equipment

Portable fire extinguishers are made for First Attack fire fighting, and can be used to:

  • Extinguish fires in their early stages
  • Help other fire fighting agents work better
  • Extinguish some special types of small fires

There is no one extinguisher that can safely and effectively extinguish all classes of fire. Each fire fighting agent has it’s own characteristics and limitations.

Selecting the right extinguisher for the fire type is important therefor all fire extinguishers are colour coded to identify what agent is inside the cylinder. All fire extinguishers have a pictogram on them to show what type of fire they can be used on.

When fire extinguishers are used correctly they can reduce substantial losses for any business. It is better to be pro-active then re-active when it comes to protecting your business and livelihood.

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