Our hose reels are open style hose reels available in manual, spring retractable or direct drive configuration.

Our hose reels are designed for heavy duty use. Their high strength frames and quality design make them the ideal reel to be used in rugged environments where the demand for a reliable hose reel with high flow rates, large hose capacity and a high duty cycle is a necessity. Upon request, hose reels can be supplied having no aluminium components making them acceptable for underground coal mine use.

Poor hose or cable management on reciprocating or moving machinery can result in premature rupture of hoses or cables, electrically shorting through wear, abrasion, kinking, being caught in machinery or passing traffic. Irrespective, the result is the same, increased maintenance costs through machine unplanned downtime, cost of repair, and consequential damage or personal injury. Hoses and cables lying around shop floors or hanging from ceilings are potential problems not only affecting maintenance costs but also creating a potentially unsafe operating area.

Correct hose or cable management not only extends the life of the hose or cable, but ensures the OH&S requirements are met.

Our spring, air, hydraulic and manual rewind hose and cable reels suitable for use with Air and Water, Oil, Diesel, Grease, Gas, and Hydraulic reels along with, Static Discharge and Electric Cables..

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