Oil Filling and Evacuation Tools

DMB Fluid Technologies have developed an integrated system for the management of hydrocarbon products with our range of dry break couplers, specifically designed and proven to meet the mining industries best practices.

Our Australian designed range of remote service points provide a vast combination to suit any application, including bulkhead mounting to simplify installation procedures.

DMB Fluid Technologies also has the capacity to service existing infrastructure, with our purpose built repair and testing facility.

Our HCS Uniclip Series of Oil / Evac nozzles and receivers eliminate the possibility of cross contamination of fluids, minimise down time and maximise production. Each of the nozzles and receivers interlock only with the corresponding colour coordinated connector, all being evacuated by a single tool.

PERT Oil Evacuation System

Critical to the lifespan of a diesel engine is the quality of it’s lubrication. With todays productivity requirements, service methods and times are a crucial key to this success.

RPM Industries and DMB Fluid Technologies recognise this element, providing a system that allows simple oil and filter changes in less than 20 minutes - all from a single access point.

This means:

  • Safety & Ergonomics - The system puts technician safety first by purging filters and evacuating the sump with no crawling, climbing or dealing with dangerous oil spills.
  • Environmental Protection - The system transfers waste oil from the engine directly into final containment. No pans, no mess, leak free and worry free every time.
  • Savings - The system saves time and money and can pay for itself in less than a year.
  • Contamination Control - This unique refill process minimises contamination risks. The QuickEvac system refills the fresh oil through the new engine filter on it’s way to the engine’s sump, thus ensuring the new oil has not been contaminated before being circulated through the engine’s oil galleys.
  • Speed - Complete engine oil and filter changes in less than 20 minutes. Th QuickEvac system empties most engines in 60 seconds or less.
  • Pre-Lubrication - The system eliminates dry starts and extends engine life.
  • Data Management - Each service is automatically time stamped for easy record keeping.

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