Lincoln Industrial provides the worlds best lubrication solutions across a wide range of markets, including Heavy and General Industry, Automotive Service, Off-Road Equipment, and Over-the-Road Equipment.

Our cost-effective systems can be configured to suit a wide range of needs, from automatically feeding thousands of lubrication points on a fleet of road-graders to providing manual lubrication for a small automotive garage.

Automated lubrication applies smaller amounts of lubricant frequently, while the equipment is running, maintaining the correct amount of grease in the bearing at all times.

Common applications include:

  • Graders, Scrapers, Dozers
  • Drills (horizontal and vertical)
  • On-road Truck and Paving Equipment
  • Trenchers
  • Crushers, Screens, Conveyors
  • Ready Mix Trucks
  • Cement Pumpers

Further to this commercial vehicles operate in punishing environments (such as mining and civil construction) that contribute to extreme wear and tear on moving parts – constant exposure to rain, dust, dirt, salt and snow; heavy loads and long intervals between scheduled maintenance events. As a result frequent breakdowns can occur. Proper, consistent lubrication can help eliminate these problems. Just a small amount of grease is needed to protect wear surfaces and prevent damage.

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